SEChange International's goal is to match, broker and monitor strategic partnerships between outstanding Social Enterprises and private sector firms, investment companies, philanthropists and foundations seeking socially responsible investments with rewarding returns.
Our Vision

Social enterprises that link with private sector and philanthropic entities are the new wave solution for the world’s most intractable problems. Deeply rooted scepticism about existing institutions and the efficiency of markets to successfully address these ills has given rise to this new model of hybrid organization, which is demonstrating significant results. Our vision is to promote social transformation by bringing high achieving social entreoreuners and social investors together to facilitate projects that meet mutual needs. Our belief is that the benefits for social investors translate into social good returns and the personal satisfaction that outweighs financial proceeds.

Our Mission

SEChange works with individual & family investors, financial investment firms, private sector companies, philanthropists and foundations to identify their interests and match these with successful social enterprises engaged in social good projects. Linked with private companies or individuals, these enterprises have the passion, the single-minded energy and courage to make significant dents in the world’s most intractable problems. Our mission is to broker relationships between selected social enterprises and potential investors and then monitor and report on the social impact of their mutual ventures. These projects directly benefit the disadvantaged through life-enhancing initiatives such as the supply of medical treatment, education, housing, water & sanitation and environmental solutions.

Our Values

Our passionate commitment to the growth of social enterprises is led by compassion and the desire to promote new solutions to poverty, deprivation and exclusion of one third of the world’s people from the quality of life that the other two-thirds enjoys. We uphold the principles of sound governance, transparency, accountability, honesty and hard work.

Our Experience

We have extensive in-country experience in planning and implementing international development programs in North, S.E., Central and South Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Our expertise is in promoting mutually-satisfying partnerships and in brokering and dialoguing amongst diverse parties and cultures. Our network of high value social enterprises and social investors allows us to identify great matches. In addition, we have significant competencies in the planning, development and assessment of projects for social good worldwide.
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