Collectively social enterprises have the capacity to change thousands of lives and to modify physical environments for the better.
Individuals, Families or Private Social Investors

SEChange clients are investors willing to accept lower financial returns on investments in exchange for personally satisfying opportunities gained from generated from measurable social gains. SEChange assists individual or family investors who are unable, due to time or other constraints, to source and engage with the type of projects and potential partners that interest them. Social investors, who want more than a cheque-writing experience, need to know that their social investments are secure and that the organizations they support are well supervised, that their funds are being used effectively and are properly accounted for. Generally, social investors take a leap of faith that their financial resources are used to create significant changes in lives and environments.

Socially Responsible Companies

SEChange assists companies seeking to move out of conventional investments - to support social enterprises with solid track records in delivering sustainable projects. Our expertise is to first assist in clarifying values and interests, identifying social project elements, countries of appeal and groups of beneficiaries to develop a practical ‘scope of engagement’. SEChange then provides various options for partnerships, which dove-tail with the identified interests and investment design.

Social Enterprises

Where it is considered useful, SEChange can provide technical support to the chosen social enterprises to strengthen their impact and scale-up or replicate its successful interventions.


Our clients are those for whom conventional models of donations and mainstream investing are considered ineffective and unreliable. They are investors whose personal values and beliefs define them as active participants in the management of their philanthropic ventures. Our service allows high net worth individuals and companies looking for solid social projects to engage themselves more directly with their investment funds. In return, they reap the emotional rewards that come from knowing their support to social businesses brings measurable social returns that successfully improve lives. SEChange brings together the investors with their selected partner enterprise to ensure a commonality of expectations. In addition, SEChange continues to support the relationship by monitoring progress and providing objective feedback on ‘value for investment’ on a selective basis.
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