Finding the right social good projects is complicated business. Social enterprise websites and self-reporting through annual reports do not always tell the whole story. At the same time, the availability of accurate progress reports on outcomes and impacts of project achievements is inconsistent. Yet some of the best social enterprises are undervalued, under-resourced and under-invested. Linked with private companies or individuals, these authentic enterprises have the passion, the single-minded energy and courage to make significant dents in the world's most unyielding problems.
Project Identification

A new generation of donors has arrived on the scene with a need to be more engaged in their charitable giving. Companies are looking to integrate social good projects into their corporate brands. Financial Investment Agencies are pursuing social return portfolios. Philanthropic behaviour is changing with individuals requiring more oversight, involvement and carefully considered selection. They want to inject capital which generates tangible social return and broader international reach. Today's donors wish to integrate social mission into their corporate or individual giving and be assured their investments are targeted effectively to high performing projects with measurable social impact.

Our professional services do the research and due diligence for you amongst our network of high value social enterprises that have proven track records on delivering results.

Brokering Relationships

Through interviews and careful assessment techniques we document and then match your interests and introduce you to social enterprises that undertake the type of activities that correspond to your selected sectors, preferred countries and beneficiary types. We seek to develop the relationship between our clients and those social enterprises with common interests, enabling these enterprises to thrive while providing both social and occasionally economic returns to our investors.

Results Tracking

Our services measure results and provide independent assessment of social investment returns (SROI). We carefully monitor outcomes and impact for our clients. With the tangential increase in social good financing by philanthropists and financial investment agencies, there is an imperative to provide more oversight of the process and results achieved by recipient enterprises. SEChange monitors selected enterprises and provides independent assessments on progress. We offer the unbiased feedback you seek about whether your financial contribution is achieving a good social return and not just a feel-good exercise.

Capacity Building

Social Entrepreneurs are visionaries. They are a rare breed - deeply committed, absolutely dedicated, audacious, with fantastic determination to solve problems the world's leading institutions have not been successful at. Fundamentally, they have an unrelenting passion for their social cause. However, their talents don't always lie in strategic management and implementing the operational side of their social business. Occasionally, we provide technical support to strengthen start up social enterprises.
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